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The Appalachian Hippie Poet (AHP) has had many drinks, much food, and met many friends at Boyd’s Jig and Reel in The Old City in Knoxville, TN. He has performed there many times, written work there over a pint Guinness, and even designed part of his logo at the bar late one night while drinking a pint of Guinness with Justin Clift. His friend and graphic designer, Reenie Popawheelie took the design from a paper napkin to completion. Jenny Houbler Boyd asked the artiest Curtis Glover (who painted the now iconic back drop of the stage at the Jig and Reel) to create a colorful rendition of said logo, and it now hangs on the wall on the left side off the stage at the Jig and Reel. Permission to reproduce the painted logo as a sticker for the AHP was granted by Jenny and Curtis, and the iconic Knoxville photographerBill Foster was asked to photograph said logo. Production of the sticker shown here was done by Jared Brewster of Label Thirteen located in South Knoxville with the AHP’s best friend Rachel Williams tending to many of the details of said production. This all goes to show that it takes a whole lot of local concerns, lots of drink, many friends with great talents,and a whole community of fans to support one poet. Thank you!!!